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Forever changing the NFT landscape.

Welcome to Sailor Moon Inu, an ape and degen friendly deflationary anime token with incredible investor rewards and active utility that will forever change the NFT landscape.


This is a community driven token that evolves and continually increases rewards through community participation.

The Sailor Moon Inu token unlocks access to a vast meta verse that bridges digital and physical worlds


This is an anime token with 1 Billion + market cap potential. With crystal hands, investors will sail to the moon!

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Contract:      0x5f90A676A0eFCE3e2F69569C17b6f329Ad0a1b32


Sailor Moon Inu participated in a fair launch on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) on Tuesday Oct. 12th 2021

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Investor Rewards

4.50% of every transaction is automatically redistributed to the pool of Sailor Moon Inu token holders.

This is a direct reward to our investors for simply holding the token.



3% of all transactions will go towards constant calls and an aggressive marketing campaign. We want to be driving in new investors so they too can participate in Sailor Moon Inu.



This project is ambitious. Providing innovative tNFTs is only the first step. 2% of transactions will go toward building the expansive meta verse.


tNFT Buy Back & LP Pool

1.25% of each transaction goes into a pool that provides a constant sell offering to tNFT holders. We also buy and burn tokens with this pool.



The team is working hard to make Sailor Moon Inu a top token. It is our desire to provide real and life changing financial opportunities to those in the crypto ecosystem.

1% of each transactions will be paid to the team.

*These are targets that could change depending on the requirements of the project.


When an investor buys Sailor Moon Inu, their Ethereum is held in the liquidity pool. Developers have keys to access this Ethereum. Some scammers take the keys and steal all the Ethereum in the liquidity pool. Other developers lock the keys up for a set amount of time. Our team has decided to destroy the keys buy burning all of the liquidity pool tokens.

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Non-Fungible Token

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*Not the Actual NFT

Our NFTs are different than others. We are creating Tangible Non-Fungible Tokens (tNFT). All of our tNFTs contain tangible elements that can be enjoyed and displayed in the real world.

Our tNFT contains a beautiful 3D model of Sailor Moon Inu within a parallax card, accented with wonderful custom animations and particle effects. The tNFT will also include a code so you can 3D print the incredible digital model to enjoy as a handheld figurine with stunning detail and quality. Lastly, it contains a custom music track written and produced by one of our own devs specifically for this tNFT.

As the meta verse is expanded the tNFTs will grant access to new content, perks, discounts, special access and much more.


Buy | Burn | Swap

Burning tokens is the process of transferring tokens to an address that is 'dead' - meaning no one has access to it. Since the address is inaccessible, the tokens exist but cannot be transferred or sold. This reduces the amount of tokens in circulation. The ethereum used to purchase the tokens is still in the asset. This helps to stabilize and raise the price of the token.

Burning Sailor Moon Inu is one way to purchase these amazing tNFTs.  Investors can also participate in a private sale or buy an Ethereum priced tNFT on OpenSea while inventory lasts.

Purchase Options

Burn 500M Sailor Moon Inu tokens.
Owners can privately sale their tNFTs
Purchase using Ethereum on OpenSea
Burn 500,000,000 for tNFT

Thanks for submitting!

8.5% of Total Supplied Burned


tNFT Buy Back

One of the most unique aspects of Sailor Moon Inu is the tNFT Buy Back. The challenge with buying NFTs is there is no guarantee they will have value. We offer a guarantee to buy back the tNFTs, thus providing constant value.

1.25% of each transaction goes into a pool. This pool grows and when someone wants to sell us their Sailor Moon Inu tNFT we will purchase it with Ethereum. The tNFTs go back on the shelf and the process starts all over again.

Token Evolution

Sailor Moon Inu strives to be one of the most unique tokens in existence. This project is possibly the first evolving token. When certain milestones have been achieved, the token will evolve. Each achievement brings a direct reward and every evolution produces a new tNFT and better rewards.

Sailor Moon Inu has 6 evolutionary forms:



Super Crisis


Princess Serenity

Neo-Queen Serenity



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500 Telegram Members
-0.10% Tax
10 tNFTs Minted
-0.20% Tax
1,000 Token Holders
+0.15% Rewards
2,500 Transactions
Ethereum Giveaway